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About Us

Our Mission

The Montgomery County Lynching Memorial Project seeks to educate and engage communities about our history and the legacy of slavery, racial violence, racial terror lynching and systemic racism by promoting truth, remembrance, reconciliation, and reckoning in Montgomery County, MD. 


We are a grassroots organization and a designated Community Remembrance Project of the Equal Justice Initiative.

Our Story

The Montgomery County Lynching Memorial Project (MoCoLMP) is a grassroots organization that came together in 2017.


Originally formed to organize soil collections at the three known sites of lynchings in Montgomery County, its mission soon expanded to include educating the community about the history of lynching and racial terrorism in Montgomery County, Maryland.


In 2019, MoCoLMP was approved as an Equal Justice Initiative Community (EJI) Remembrance Project.


While MoCoLMP’s goals include obtaining historical markers at each lynching site, as well as procuring an EJI county memorial monument memorializing the lynchings of George Peck (January 12, 1880), John Diggs-Dorsey (July 27, 1880), and Sidney Randolph (July 4,1896), the organization’s emphasis is on the community education that is an integral part of the process of obtaining the markers.

Remembering is resistance.
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