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Did You Miss the October 22 Marker Ceremony?

Fear not—you can watch it now, thanks to the video produced by filmmaker Jay Mallin. In addition to the full program, we will create and post shorter versions capturing some of the highlights.

We continue to receive wonderful responses from those who attended this historic event, recognizing the lynching of Mr. George Peck. The President of the Poolesville Town Commission, Jim Brown, wrote us the following:

On behalf of the Poolesville Town Commissioners, as well as Town Staff, I want to thank you for working with us to create not just the lasting memorial to George W. Peck, but also the conversation you've facilitated that should be impactful and important for the community for decades to come. The memorial service, no doubt, brought our region together in ways we may have not thought possible.

We appreciate you and all you've done. We'll keep up our end of the bargain by preserving the memory of Mr. Peck, as well as our collective memory of his injustice, so that we all may learn and grow from it.

Let the conversation continue!

Thanks, Jim

We also received a proclamation from County Executive Marc Elrich, shown here, and a citation from Governor Wes Moore. Thanks to Ms. Tina Clarke for working hard to secure these honors.


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