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The George Peck Historical Marker: A Community Conversation

In 1880 Mr. George Peck was lynched in Poolesville, MD. In 2019 a soil collection ceremony, near the lynching site, commemorated his death. MoCoLMP, along with our Poolesville partners, will be installing a historical marker to remember both the lynching and the work Poolesville has done to reconcile and move forward as a community.

On Friday, May 19, we will gather outdoors, at Local's Farm Market restaurant in Poolesville. Plan to arrive at 5 p.m. for complimentary light refreshments (thank you, Locals!) and drinks for purchase. At 5:30 p.m. panelists will deliver personal reflections on the history of race and racism in Montgomery County, MD, followed by small-group discussion.

We welcome your thoughts and concerns.


Maria Briancon, President, Poolesville Seniors

Chuck Copeland, Pastor, Hosanna Community Church

Kenny Sholes, local historian and board member, Historic Medley District

Feh Gana, Black Student Union, Poolesville High School

Hosted by MoCoLMP and Riverworks Art Center. All are welcome! Sign up here.

Because this is an outdoor event, registrants will be notified by email if it is postponed due to rain.


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