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The Anderson Farm

Mr. Sidney Randolph was hanged by his killers from a chestnut tree on farmland 
owned by the Anderson family, just off the Frederick Road—now Hungerford Drive. 
He died on the 4th of July, 1896. The site is just south of Montgomery College’s 
Rockville campus and the former Carver High School building.

The Anderson brothers—George, James and Edward—were long-time residents of Rockville.

In June 1896, George M. Anderson served as an attorney at the inquest into Sadie Buxton’s death. Anderson was later part of the search party who followed the wagon tracks through town and discovered Mr. Sidney Randolph’s body on farmland owned by his brother, James.

A Jury of Inquest was summoned to investigate the lynching of Mr. Randolph. James W. Anderson was a member of that jury. He had served decades before as a Captain in the Confederate Army, returning to Rockville after the Civil War and becoming Clerk of the Court in Rockville and a prominent civic leader.

Dr. Edward Anderson was the physician who examined Mr. Diggs-Dorsey’s body and gave evidence to the jury that cause of death was strangulation.

George M. Anderson and son, Thomas

James W. Anderson

Dr. Edward Anderson

Photo credits: Randolph: Washington (DC) Evening Star, July 4, 1896. G.M. Anderson: Montgomery History.

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