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Welsh Park

Mr. John Diggs-Dorsey was lynched on or near the West farm and Mr. Sidney Randolph was lynched at the Anderson farm. Welsh Park is near the convergence of where both of those farms 
were once located and the site of the September 26, 2021, soil collection ceremony.

Between 1877 and 1950 more than 4,000 African Americans were lynched in the United States. The lynching of African Americans was a form of racial terrorism intended to intimidate and to enforce racial hierarchy and segregation. In Maryland, 41 documented lynchings took place between 1854 and 1933, 
with at least three in Montgomery County.

Founded in 1989 by Bryan Stevenson, the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) is a nonprofit group, based in Montgomery, Alabama. EJI’s Community Remembrance Project recognizes the victims of racial terror lynching by collecting soil from lynching sites, and erecting historical markers and a monument in each county where these lynchings occurred.

The Montgomery County Lynching Memorial Project (MoCoLMP) seeks to educate and engage the community about the history and legacy of lynching and racial terrorism in Montgomery County, Maryland; to gather soil from the three known lynching sites in the county; and to work with others to procure the installation of historical markers and a monument commemorating these events. As a grassroots organization MoCoLMP partners with the EJI’s Community Remembrance Project.

The Montgomery County Remembrance and Reconciliation Commission works with EJI and other stakeholders to help claim and install the County’s monument commemorating the three locations in the County where lynchings have been documented.

Photo credits: Park: Earl Dotter. Jars: Peter Jones.

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