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Community Conversation about the George Peck Historical Marker, Poolesville, MD

Over 75 people came to MoCoLMP’s community conversation in Poolesville on May 19, to discuss plans for a new historical marker to acknowledge the lynching of Mr. George Peck in 1880.

After hearing from a panel representing a broad swath of Poolesville, attendees shared their views of the marker with others at their table. Riverworks Art Center and Locals Farm Market, a popular restaurant where the event was held, co-hosted with MoCoLMP.

Long-time and newer residents of Poolesville attended, joined by MoCoLMP volunteers and supporters from around the county.

Pastor Chuck (photo, upper right) spoke passionately about Black families’ painful history in the area. He is from Martinsburg, one of five historic African-American communities surrounding Poolesville.

Participants listened attentively to each other. Some expressed concerns that the marker might be vandalized. The overall sentiment was that facing head-on the painful parts of their history helps move everyone towards a better future of racial healing.


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