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Juneteenth in Kensington

MoCoLMP volunteers joined in the Juneteenth celebration in Kensington on Saturday, June 15. Many people approached our table wanting to learn more. Some were shocked to discover that there had been lynchings in our county. Others were aware and wanted to learn more about our activities.

We had great conversations with both attendees and other nonprofits. A private school teacher wondered if we had materials for the classroom and was happy to learn we have an Education Committee. Later, a student who graduated from Walter Johnson High School stopped by to say he had learned about the lynchings in his African American studies course, an MCPS elective.

We were lucky to have our table planted next to that of the Female Re-Enactors of Distinction (FREED), who were there in their 19th century costumes and presented on stage. MoCoLMP is pleased to count two of these lovely women (maybe more!) among our members, including Pat Tyson and Marcia Cole.

Despite the heat, the event was well attended, with plenty of music, food and drink, kids’ activities, and speakers, in addition to organizations like the NAACP, Montgomery History, faith groups, and many others.

This is our third year participating in Juneteenth events. It’s a fun and effective way to get the word out about our efforts on behalf of remembrance and racial healing and to meet many wonderful people from our county. We hope next time you can join us!

A big thank you to our volunteers who made MoCoLMP's presence possible: Tracy DuVernoy, Joy Kreskow, Dale Melanie, and Is Schoenfeld.


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