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Poetry Night at the President Woodrow Wilson House

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Come hear a special performance, Local Creatives Speak Truth to Power, with three local creatives, including Duke Ellington School of the Arts graduate Quique Aviles. He will present a one-man show dealing with issues of race, identity, and poverty. Originally from El Salvador, Aviles has been performing and leading community arts projects in the Washington D.C. area for close to 40 years.

The night will also feature the compelling voices of MoCoLMP members Susan Strasser and Marcia E. Cole, performing “A Double Take on Lynching.” The two will share a series of poems and an illustrated lecture on lynching.

Marcia Cole is the author of two books of poetry, A Light in Dark Places, and Behold a Ball of Light, both exploring the African American experience. Susan Strasser is a historian who has created the A White Historian Reads Black History project.


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