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Tour the Historic Black Community of Sugarland, in Poolesville, MD

Do you live in Poolesville? Montgomery County? Have you wanted to learn more about the historic Black communities that sprang up in the county post-Civil War? The town of Sugarland was built by formerly enslaved persons

and was comprised of 200 acres of farmland, as well as a church, school, community center, and post office, in the middle of what is now the Agricultural Reserve. Descendents have collected artifacts, photos, and documents which are on display at the church.

The tour will begin with a 1/2-hour talk outlining the history of Sugarland. After the talk, we will view the artifacts on display in the church, and then explore the cemetery where the original community and their descendants are buried.

Information about the community, the Sugarland Ethnohistory Project, and their recently published book, I Have Started for Canaan: The Story of the African American Town of Sugarland, can be found on their website:

(And yes, this church is the one filmed in Judi Dench's movie, Philomena.)

Donations to help support the project, and maintain the church and property are gratefully accepted:

Sign up here—spaces are limited:


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