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Interviews with Audience Members at the George Peck Marker Dedication

Ritu Narula talks about why she traveled from Northern Virginia to participate in the event on October 22, 2023: "What's been so profound for me is that this history exists right around the corner and...I grew up not knowing about it."

Suzanne Johnson of the historic Black community of Sugarland, says, "Until I started working with my cousin a few years ago, I didn't even know there were as many African-American communities up in this area as there are."

Carolyn Taylor, Rev. Cyrus Glenn Taylor, and Mike Johnson talk about baseball, church, and community in the historic Black community of Emory Grove, founded after the Civil War in what is now Gaithersburg, MD.

And Katie Longbrake, whose family has lived in Maryland for 13 generations, talks about the importance of remembering our history.


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