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Black History Field Trips

(Photo by Derrick C. Tabor)

_02A6536 ed.jpg

MoCoLMP Steering Committee member Tony Cohen welcomes the crowd to Button Farm. (Photo by Derrick C. Tabor)

_02A8597 ed.jpg

Lesley Younge, co-chair of MoCoLMP Education Committee (Photo by Derrick C. Tabor)

In April, MoCoLMP and the Commission on Remembrance and Reconciliation organized an event at Button Farm in Germantown to view the visiting Harriet Tubman statue there. MoCoLMP member Tony Cohen unveiled the statue and member Lesley Younge read her children's book and led craft activities. Open to the public, the event featured inspiring speakers and refreshments, enjoyed in a picnic shelter (serenaded by geese) on the farm.

Beginning with historic Black communities Sugarland and Martinsburg, MoCoLMP initiated a series of field trips to learn about local African-American history. Led by people with deep roots in the area, the tours provide a greater understanding of both the challenges and the resilience of Black people in our county. The Sandy Spring Slave Museum graciously treated participants to a special tour of their facility.

IMG_5372 Sugarland ed.jpg

Suzanne Johnson and Ruth Derr, Sugarland Ethno-History Project


Rita Green, Pastor Howard Copeland, Elsie Thomas and Rev. Gerry Green in Martinsburg

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