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George Peck Marker, 10-22-23_edited.png
Marker, Lynching in Maryland_edited.png

Meeting Our Goals

“Somebody has to stand when other people
are sitting. Somebody has to speak
when other people are quiet.”

Bryan Stevenson, EJI Executive Director

As a Community Remembrance Project of the Equal Justice Initiative, MoCoLMP has been responsible for facilitating the truth telling about the known lynchings that have occurred in our county. The work has included: community conversations, exhibits and visual story telling, soil ceremonies and marker dedications.

In October 2023, MoCoLMP dedicated the Mr. George Peck historical marker—the first to tell the story of a lynching in our county. Led by our governmental partner, the Commission on Remembrance and Reconciliation, a Rockville event in November, dedicated two markers honoring Mr. John Diggs-Dorsey and Mr. Sidney Randolph, thereby completing MoCoLMP's and the Commission’s initial goals: to hold soil collection ceremonies and create historical markers for the three men who were lynched in Montgomery County.

With our partners and our members, we have stood and spoken about the past in the hopes of building a better future. MoCoLMP plans to continue the work on racial healing and reconciliation that we have begun.

Photos and videos in the 2023 Highlights have been provided by: Earl Dotter, Jay Mallin,
Holly Syrrakos, Derrick C. Tabor, Ross Wells and Neile Whitney.
For permission to use, please contact

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