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Organizing in Poolesville

In 2023, MoCoLMP focused on the community of Poolesville, where Mr. George Peck was lynched in 1880. Our efforts there began in 2019 when we held a Soil Collection Ceremony at the lynching site. Building on that foundation, we expanded our community outreach. MoCoLMP and the Poolesville Historical Marker Committee accelerated our efforts to create an historical marker to recognize Mr. Peck’s killing.


Moderators and panelists included (from left) Poolesville high school alum Alexis Famuyide and Feh Gana, local historian and Historic Medley board member Kenny Sholes, MoCoLMP steering committee member Derrick Tabor (standing), Pastor Howard C. Copeland, and Poolesville Seniors President Maria Briancon.

In September we held a Zoom showing of a new documentary "10 Days in September," by local filmmaker Joey Geehreng, about the 1956 school desegregation battle in Poolesville. The filmmaker was on hand for a Q&A.

A highlight was a May event, “Remembering a Lynching: A Conversation about the George Peck Historical Marker,” held at Locals Farm Market in Poolesville. A panel of local leaders led some 75 participants in a discussion about their hopes and concerns about the marker and what it meant for their community.


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